Our Approach

The SUBARU Group has developed its social contribution policy in the hope of ingraining the practice of social contribution into corporate culture and to foster sincere commitment to such practice. In accordance with the policy, we promote social contribution activities in the four fields—activity in the community, environment, road traffic safety, and sports and culture—which we have selected as befitting a socially responsible transportation equipment manufacturer.
In FYE March 2020, we established a community engagement Vision for 2025, in addition to a set of 2025 visions for the Group’s Six Priority Areas for CSR. Aiming at this vision, we will pursue social contribution initiatives based on the decision to become a company “delivering happiness to all,” as described in the mid-term management vision “STEP.”

Social Contribution Policy

  1. We contribute to the development of science and technology and automobile culture and to the promotion of road safety.
  2. We contribute to the fostering of human resources who understand the pleasure, importance and preciousness of creative manufacturing.
  3. We contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate.
  4. We support each other in contributing to society as good citizens.

Established in March 2005

The Four Fields of Community Engagement Initiatives

Vision for 2025

  1. The background and reasons that the four fields were selected for social contribution initiatives are fully understood and ingrained across the SUBARU Group.
  2. The SUBARU Group is developing activities in consideration of the four fields.
  3. The SUBARU Group’s entire workforce is fully aware of the importance of community engagement.

Management System

SUBARU has established the Social Contribution Committee to actively promote and continue community engagement activities that make use of our technology and expertise. With participation of business site directors, the committee works to advance community engagement initiatives. Under the committee, the cross-organizational Planning Subcommittee has been created to discuss issues related to company-wide activities, ranging from planning and preparation to implementation, evaluation, and review. The committee meets every six months to compile reported activity results and issues, and discuss improvement plans to invigorate efforts.

Social Contribution Committee meeting
Social Contribution Committee: Organization chart
Renamed in FYE March 2022 from the CSR Committee.


Activity in the Community: in Japan

Communication with Local Residents (Gunma Plant, Utsunomiya Plant)

SUBARU strives to communicate with people living in districts where its offices, plants, and company housing facilities are located, aiming to become a corporate citizen open to the community.
At the Gunma Plant, we send representatives to town council member homes every month to exchange information and explain the Company’s current situation and its environmental activities. Our annual factory tours for local residents were canceled in FYE March 2022 to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In the event of potential noise or vibration caused by construction work, we work to make neighbors aware of the situation in advance, visiting their homes to provide explanations and issuing postings in the area. We also make regular visits during the construction period and check up on the situation.
The Utsunomiya Plant organizes community events in a bid to increase communication with local residents. In addition, when conducting construction work that may generate noise and vibration, we visit the relevant community associations in advance to explain and ask for understanding from local residents. We also distribute related information directly, as appropriate, to the individual households concerned.

Factory Tours (Gunma Plant, Utsunomiya Plant)

Gunma Plant

The Gunma Plant welcomes general visitors to factory tours, and also hosts elementary school field trip programs. In FYE March 2022, although we once again suspended new applications for factory tours as a countermeasure against COVID-19, we conducted online factory tours. In the 469 sessions held, a total of 30,169 children participated from elementary schools primarily in the Kanto region as well as Hokkaido and Fukuoka. At each school, children were able to learn about SUBARU’s automotive manufacturing through videos. These videos offered a view into our processes they could not get from an in-person tour, earning praise from teachers.

Factory tour leaflet
Online factory tour
Utsunomiya Plant

We participate in the Town Exploration program conducted by neighboring elementary schools as part of their social studies curriculum, hosting approximately 15 students each year. The program creates opportunities for children to grow their interest in society by talking to them about aircraft during a tour of our exhibition models, as well as by introducing the plant’s environmental initiatives, such as the promotion of recycling and technologies for fuel-efficient manufacturing.
Although we suspended participation in FYE March 2021 and FYE March 2022 in the interest of preventing the spread of COVID-19, we plan to resume participation in FYE March 2023.

Support for the Instructor Dispatch Project (Utsunomiya Plant)

In support of the 2021 Instructor Dispatch Project sponsored by the Tochigi Association of Corporate Executives, Senior Vice President Tozuka was dispatched as an instructor to a local school, Utsunomiya City Younan Junior High School. In his lectures, he introduced the plant’s business activities to students enrolled at the school, and also discussed important points for the work they do there.

Instructor Dispatch

Community Cleanup Activities (Gunma Plant, Tokyo Office, Utsunomiya Plant)

As part of its community engagement initiatives, SUBARU carries out cleanup activities on a regular basis in districts where its offices and plants are located.
In FYE March 2022, these events were either canceled or reduced in scope; events held were given the utmost consideration for prevention of the spread of COVID-19. At the Utsunomiya Plant, we continued our previous fiscal year’s activities, picking up garbage and conducting cleanup activities at the employee dormitory and surrounding areas.
As a responsible community member, we will continue with these beautification activities to help conserve local environments.

Employees engaged in cleanup activities (Utsunomiya Plant)

Advancing the SDGs Alongside Communities (Utsunomiya Plant)

In March 2021, the Utsunomiya Plant registered for Tochigi Prefecture’s Tochigi SDGs Promotion Company Registration System. In this system, the prefectural government maintains a registry of declarations made by companies doing business in the prefecture on the topics of the environment, society, and economy. This system is designed to promote independent company actions toward the achievement of the SDGs. Going forward, we will be proactive in our actions here, linking growth at our business sites with growth of the region.

Registration Logo for Tochigi SDGs Promotion Companies

Hosting Local Community Events (Gunma Plant, Tokyo Office, Utsunomiya Plant)

In order to build good relationships with the communities in which SUBARU’s offices and plants are located, we host events on our premises. We invite local residents, as listed below, while participating in various regional community events.
In FYE March 2022, we canceled many events as a result of prioritizing the safety of local residents and employees, but we will continue to promote efforts to contribute to regional development.

Mono-zukuri Classes (Tokyo Office)

In cooperation with Subaru Techno Corporation, SUBARU holds SUBARU Mono-zukuri Classes for elementary school students in Mitaka City, where SUBARU has an office. These classes teach students how SUBARU makes its vehicles, offering them the opportunity to model and run their own cars. Participants get hands-on experience, learning things like the differences between two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, such as their design and handling. Each year, we receive more applications than slots available for this very popular event.
In FYE March 2022, although we canceled these classes as a result of prioritizing student safety, we will continue our activities to bring the joy and importance of manufacturing to as many children as possible.

Learning about the differences between 2WD and 4WD vehicles (FYE March 2020)

Disaster Response Countermeasures

・Donated Disaster Kits (Gunma Plant)

The Gunma Plant donated 11 types of goods, including LED flashlights and portable toilets, to the communities where its office is located. The donation consisted of 359 kits, placed in public facilities, schools designated as evacuation centers, and welfare facilities.

Donations from the Chief General Manager of the Gunma Plant to Mayor of Oizumi Town (left), and Mayor of Ota City (right)
・Concluded a Disaster Preparedness Agreement with Utsunomiya City (Utsunomiya Plant)

We have concluded an agreement with Utsunomiya City regarding the use of facilities in the event of a disaster.
Under this agreement, in the event of wind or flooding damage in Utsunomiya City, the parking facilities of the Utsunomiya Plant will be temporarily opened as an evacuation site for vehicles owned by the city’s citizens living in designated flooding zones. In June 2019, the plant was officially registered by the City of Utsunomiya as a Disaster Prevention Cooperation Office, one that will cooperate in local disaster prevention activities, including cooperation in providing human resources and goods support during disasters.

Signing of the disaster preparedness agreement
Chief General Manager of the Utsunomiya Plant (left), Mayor of Utsunomiya City (center), President of KANSEKI CO., LTD. (right)

Activity in the Community: Overseas

Factory Tours (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.)

For several years, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) has hosted factory tours that offer an opportunity to see the car manufacturing processes firsthand and increase public understanding of SUBARU’s products. SIA runs several tour courses, including hands-on programs for students using state-of-the-art robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality (VR), and other technologies.

Children participating in a factory tour (FYE March 2020)

Participation in Manufacturing Week (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.)

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. participates in Manufacturing Week, a manufacturing event for local children held by a local commerce association. It is designed to help students from kindergarten to high school age learn about careers available in manufacturing industries. In FYE March 2022, events were held online to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Employee Volunteer Activities (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.)

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. provides employee volunteer programs in collaboration with local nonprofit groups. These diverse projects include support for food banks, support for local animal protection organizations and tree planting activities, and cleanup activities at fire stations.

Support for nonprofit animal protection organizations
Cleanup activities at fire stations

Participating in Local Government Trash Pickup Activity (Subaru Canada, Inc.)

Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) contributes to local environmental beautification through government projects. Since 2005, SCI has participated in a trash pickup campaign run by the City of Mississauga on Earth Day every year, together with other local companies. While SCI could not participate in FYE March 2022 in consideration of the state of COVID-19’s spread, it has also taken part in the city’s road beautification initiatives for a number of years, working on the assigned areas three times annually.

Earth Day cleanup event (FYE March 2020)
SCI employees participating in cleanup activities (FYE March 2020)

Environment: In Japan

SUBARU Forest Project

Since FYE March 2018, SUBARU has been working on the SUBARU Forest Project, an initiative that is directly linked to biodiversity conservation and embodies the idea of coexistence with nature included in the SUBARU Environmental Policies.
SUBARU is working with Bifuka Town in Hokkaido, Gunma Prefecture, and Utsunomiya City in Tochigi Prefecture, where SUBARU has close ties with local communities. We promote forest protection activities, such as for supporting forest management, tree planting and use of thinned wood obtained from forest management work. In our efforts with Bifuka Town, we purchased J-Credits in FYE March 2022.

Collecting and Donating Unwanted Shoes to an NPO (Gunma Plant)

At a running event held in November 2021, the Gunma Plant asked event participants to collect shoes that are still wearable but no longer worn, collecting 104 pairs of shoes. The collected shoes were recycled and donated to an overseas NPO that supports children in need.

Collection of unwanted shoes

Teaching a School Class (Utsunomiya Plant)

Starting from FYE March 2007, the Utsunomiya Plant sends employees to local elementary and junior high schools to teach classes designed to increase children’s interest in the field of aerospace and the environment, seeking to raise their environmental awareness and present a future career option.
Our programs contain lectures and experiments planned to learn about global warming, primarily major causes and the significance of stopping the phenomenon, as well as the principles of aircraft flight and the structure’s environment-friendly designs. In FYE March 2022, we once again made utmost efforts to refrain from school visits in the interest of the children’s safety, and held programs online. Having taught 21,123 students in total at 318 schools in Utsunomiya and Handa districts over the years, this project has become an essential local community activity.

Teaching a school class
Teaching a school class

Donating Bike Racks Made of Thinned Wood (Gunma Plant)

In March 2022, the Gunma Plant donated bike racks made of thinned wood from the SUBARU Friendship Forest Akagi to Gunma Prefecture. The 10 donated bike racks have been installed mainly in forest parks in Gunma Prefecture for the benefit of cyclists visiting the parks.

Mr. Masayuki Amada (right), Gunma Prefectural Government Forest Conservation Division Director

Environment: Overseas

On-premise Crop Cultivation (Subaru of America, Inc.)

Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) cultivates crops on fields established on the company’s premises. Company employees maintain the fields themselves, harvesting an average of around 270 kg of crops per year and donating them to local NPOs. FYE March 2021 marked the 14th year since the start of the initiative. The company harvested 269 kg of crops during this year.

SOA on-premise fields

Road Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety Awareness Activities (Gunma Plant)

In December 2021, the SUBARU baseball team, together with a professional basketball team based in Ota City, conducted traffic safety awareness activities at Ota Station with the cooperation of Tobu Railway and the Ota Police Station. Under the theme that walking while using a smartphone is dangerous, they greeted commuters at Ota Station, distributing original tissues.

Members from the SUBARU baseball team, the Gunma Crane Thunders, and Ota Station staff

Installing Traffic Safety Signs (Gunma Plant)

In FYE March 2018, we started an initiative to install traffic safety signs on utility poles on Ota City’s school roads. As of April 2021, a total of 29 signboards have been installed in an effort to prevent traffic accidents for local residents.

Installing Signs on Utility Poles

Certificate of Appreciation from the Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police Department (Tokyo Office)

The Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police Department presented the Tokyo Office with a Superintendent General Certificate of Appreciation.
This certificate of appreciation is awarded to offices that set a good example for others through their daily efforts to improve safety awareness and for proper vehicle operation management, as well as their active involvement in traffic safety activities.
Over the years, the Tokyo Office has entered many Safety Drive Contests sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department. It has achieved zero accidents and zero violations for nearly all of these entries. It was also recognized for its active cooperation in spring and fall traffic safety campaigns.

Award ceremony
Certificate of commendation

Activities of the Association of Driving Safety Supervisors (Utsunomiya Plant)

At the Utsunomiya Plant, SUBARU serves as the president of the southern Utsunomiya branch of the Tochigi Prefecture Association of Driving Safety Supervisors. We work with community associations located around the plant and the Utsunomiya Minami Police Department to promote local road traffic safety activities in order to raise awareness in the southern Utsunomiya district.
In addition to these activities, Senior Vice President Tozuka received the Kanto Driving Safety Manager Association Award, the first received for SUBARU. He received this award as the Chairman of the Utsunomiya Southern District Driving Safety Manager Association for his efforts to improve the efforts and morale of all member organizations.

Association of Driving Safety Supervisors in session
Certificate of commendation

Sports and Culture: In Japan

SUBARU’s Baseball Players and Track and Field Team Members Coach Children

In November 2021, the “How to Run Faster” Class was held at the Subaru Sports Park in Oizumi Town, coached by four of SUBARU’s track and field team members and two of its coaches. Around 40 local elementary school children participated in the event, learning basic movements in running and studying practical training methods ahead of long-distance races in autumn.

Running clinic
Running clinic

In December 2021, the Gunma Prefectural High School Baseball Skills Training Course was held at the Shikishima Baseball Stadium, with 23 players from SUBARU’s baseball team serving as instructors. Despite the many restrictions in consideration of the state of COVID-19’s spread, such as alcohol disinfection, mask-wearing, and temperature checks for all participants, the high school students attended with sincere demeanor.

Baseball clinic
Baseball clinic

Providing “Lifesaving Cars” to the Japan Lifesaving Association

In supporting the JLA*1 in its goal of zero water accidents, SUBARU provided Subaru Lifesaving Cars, including Forester models. These were used for monitoring activities and transport of emergency rescue equipment in FYE March 2021 at beaches in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Shizuoka prefectures. In FYE March 2022, the activity area was expanded to include beaches in 21 prefectures throughout Japan, with 19 SUBARU dealerships*2 providing vehicles in contribution to beach patrols and rescue and relief efforts during the summer.
From FYE March 2023, we will expand the scope of our support and activities as an official partner of JLA.

The Japan Lifesaving Association
(link to website)
Hokkaido Subaru Co., Ltd., Iwate Subaru Inc., Miyagi Subaru Inc., Yamagata Subaru Inc., Fukushima Subaru Inc., Niigata Subaru Inc., Hokuriku Subaru Inc., Chiba Subaru Inc., Kanagawa Subaru Co., Ltd., Shizuoka Subaru Motor Co., Ltd., Nagoya Subaru Motors Inc., Kyoto Subaru Inc., Hyogo Subaru Inc., Sanin Subaru Inc., Higashi Shikoku Subaru Inc., Fukuoka Subaru Inc., Oita Subaru Inc., Minami Kyushu Subaru Inc., Okinawa Subaru Inc.

Vehicle handover event
Vehicle handover event

Supporting Sporting Organizations and Sporting Events

SUBARU supports the activities of the Ski Association of Japan, the Japan Canoe Federation, and the Japan Cycling Federation as an official sponsor, and also provides operational vehicles for sporting events such as the New Year Ekiden relay race and the Tokyo Marathon.

Sponsoring a Christmas Concert (Head Office)

In December 2021, the Takofes Christmas Concert was held by the Higashi Ebisu Store Association at the EBiS303 (Ebisu Subaru Building). This concert, celebrating its sixth year since launching in 2016, was held with the joint support of local residents and companies, including SUBARU as a local corporate sponsor. The concert was held with rigorous measures taken to prevent COVID-19 infection. The 375 attendees enjoyed a powerful and splendorous performance from the professional orchestra.

Christmas concert performance

Sports and Culture: Overseas

Drive-in Movie Event (Subaru Canada, Inc.)

Subaru Canada, Inc. held a drive-in movie viewing for SUBARU owners. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held with due caution; participants were provided with masks and alcohol disinfectants. Guests expressed their thanks for being able to attend a safe, fun event even during the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drive-in movie event

Response to the Spread of COVID-19

Cooperation in PCR monitoring group testing (Utsunomiya Plant)

As part of the government’s efforts to use early detection to contain resurgence of COVID-19, employees at the Utsunomiya Plant volunteered to help with PCR monitoring group testing, a joint project between Tochigi Prefecture and the Japanese government. These volunteers cooperated in a total of seven PCR tests.

Creating and Donating Partitions Made from Surplus Materials to the Tochigi Prefectural Government and Medical Institutions (Utsunomiya Plant)

The partitions were made from lightweight and durable carbon materials and fiberglass left over from the manufacturing process. A total of 48 sets were donated to the Tochigi prefectural government and medical institutions in Tochigi Prefecture.

Donated partitions

Donation, Volunteer Activities, etc.: In Japan

Employee Volunteer Award Program

Based on the concept of ingraining the practice of social contribution into corporate culture and to foster sincere commitment to such practice, we have established a volunteer award program to encourage each employee to participate in volunteer activities and to raise awareness of social contribution activities.
This award is given annually, and the Social Contribution Committee deliberates and selects winners from among the applicants. In FYE March 2022, the 17th iteration of this award, applications spanned a range of activities, such as tennis coaching, blood donations, and hair donations. Award winners are engaged in their activities with the mindsets of wanting to do something to benefit the world and to inform more people about the activities they are engaged in. SUBARU will continue to foster and enhance employees’ awareness of social contribution.

Voluntary Employee Donation System

SUBARU has implemented a system where employees can easily use the company welfare program to donate to important causes. In the event of a disaster, we also offer easy donation through temporary special contact points to support the affected areas.
In addition to using the company welfare program to donate in the event of a disaster, we have expanded options for employee participation as of FYE March 2021 to include our SUBARU Online Donation BOX in cooperation with the Central Community Chest of Japan.
Furthermore, in December 2020 SUBARU’s employees were awarded the Golden Order of Merit*3 by the Japanese Red Cross Society for their donations.

The Golden Order of Merit is awarded by the Japanese Red Cross Society to companies and organizations for donating operating funds that exceed a determined amount.
The Golden Order of Merit

East Japan Reconstruction Support Sales Events (Head Office)

We hold special sales events in-house with participation from the three prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, all of which were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. These events are held under the theme of direct employee action. In addition to helping with the sale of special products from each prefecture, these events also offer a place where they can provide information about recovery status and tourist attractions.
Although these events were suspended in FYE March 2022 due to impact from the spread of COVID-19, we will continue to support the recovery of these regions while adapting how these events are held in keeping with the situation.
SUBARU also participates in the Festival in Support of Tohoku Reconstruction held by the Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) to support reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and in FYE March 2022 a special menu using ingredients from the Tohoku region was served in our canteens throughout SUBARU.

Sales event at a SUBARU conference room (FYE March 2020)
Dishes using ingredients from Tohoku

Donations to Charitable Organizations through Bazaars Utilizing Commercialization Rights

Since FYE March 2015, the Intellectual Property Department has been holding charity bazaars utilizing commercialization rights at local community events and in-house bazaars. At these bazaars, SUBARU sells free samples received from manufacturers selling its minicars. Proceeds from sale are donated to organizations supporting children orphaned by traffic accidents. In FYE March 2022, we held charity bazaars at three of our internal offices, donating the proceeds. In addition, in April 2022 we held a charity bazaar at a traffic safety event sponsored by the Utsunomiya Minami Police Department and others, donating the proceeds.

In-house bazaar (FYE March 2017)

Donation, Volunteer Activities, etc.: Overseas

Blood Drive (Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.)

Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (SIA) has been running a blood drive twice a year since 1991. In 2021, SIA donated 846 units of blood from approximately 280 donors. In nearly 30 years, SIA has donated approximately 15,000 units of blood to over 80 hospitals in Indiana.

Employees making a blood donation

Donation of Recycled Clothing to Economically Disadvantaged Regions
(SUBARU of China, Ltd.)

Subaru of China, Ltd. (SOC)’s labor union facilitated a donation program, sending unused clothing to people living in economically disadvantaged regions. A total of 674 items of clothing were collected from 29 SOC employees and donated.

Donation certificate
Collected clothing

Donation to the Japan Business Society of Detroit
(SUBARU Research & Development, Inc.)

Subaru Research & Development, Inc. made donations to the Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD), a Japanese business organization in the state of Michigan. Donations are used for scholarships and cultural activities. While Subaru Research & Development, Inc. had made four donations a year for a number of years, the company only donated three times in FYE March 2022 due to the impact from COVID-19.