Aerospace Company

Leading Japan’s aerospace industry with development and production of a wide variety of aircraft.

Expanding the SUBARU Brand in the Sky and Space

The Aerospace Company, by leveraging tradition and innovative technologies, develops and produces a wide variety of aircraft and components for major customers, such as Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD) and Boeing.

As to the rotorcraft programs, Aerospace Company successfully completed the joint development with Bell Textron Inc., USA, of the commercial helicopter “SUBARU BELL 412EPX”, which is also utilized as the platform of the New Utility Helicopter (the New UH) for Japan Ministry of Defense (JMOD). Its prototype was delivered to JMOD in February 2019.
Started by the very first customer the Japanese National Police Agency placed an order for the SUBARU BELL 412EPX in March 2019. The procurement contract for the New UH was made between JMOD and SUBARU, which gave the green light for its serial production.


SUBARU BELL 412EPX (Left), New Utility Helicopter for JMOD (Right)

In the commercial airplane business, the Aerospace Company has been participating in various international joint developments, such as the 767, 777, 787 and 777X. In the 777X, SUBARU is responsible for Center Wing and its integration with main landing gear (MLG) wheel wells as well as MLG doors and Wing-to-Body Fairings (forward).

Center Wing Section of Boeing777X

In UAV category, the Aerospace Company is proud of its technological expertise with 50 year experience in R&D and production for both commercial and defense through various programs to the JMOD and Japan Aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA).
As a leading company in this category in Japan, the Aerospace Company has been actively involved in the Private-Public Conference for Future Air Mobility Revolution which is being conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), which is to identifying issues and pursuing possibilities of the new autonomous air mobility system.

IR-Sensor system integration with Optionally Piloted Vehicle

[Key manufacturing / maintenance sites]

  • Tochigi pref. : Utsunomiya plant ( Main plant, South plant, South second plant )
  • Aichi pref. : Handa plant, Handa west plant
  • Chiba pref. : Kisarazu Office

[Main products]

New utility helicopter / AH-64D attack helicopter / T-5 primary trainer / The unmanned utility vehicle / The center wing of Boeing 787 / The center wing of Boeing 777