Philosophy and Management Vision

Pursuing our Goal of
“Delivering Happiness to All”

Pursuing our Goal of “Delivering Happiness to All”

The Subaru Group, by no means a large automaker, concentrates its limited management resources in pursuit of the value it provides to its customers, which is “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” The customers who support us value Subaru vehicles like lifestyle partners.

Together, we are marching ahead to make society better, inspiring our customers to say that Subaru is “different.” Our vision of becoming a company “Delivering happiness to all” is something that we have learned from the behavior of our customers, with whom we share deep relationships.

We will put these customers who have nurtured the Subaru brand first, and continue to pursue our goal of delivering happiness to people, society, and even the Earth.

We will further deepen our relationships with customers,
to achieve an enjoyable and sustainable society.

In our Vision for 2025 within “STEP,” we declare that we will “Become a brand that is ‘different’ from others by enhancing distinctiveness.” In line with this vision, we will further deepen this relationship between Subaru and our customers that makes us different from other brands. We do this because we see this relationship as an asset for the Subaru Group and the Subaru brand.

This vision of “Delivering happiness to all” is more than just a catchy slogan. When I look at pictures and videos posted on social media by Subaru customers, I am always moved by the great number of smiling customers with their cars. In these social media posts, as well as in sales and after-sales service, we can see the distinctiveness and true strength of the Subaru brand as told by our customers.

Also, especially in the U.S., our customers are noteworthy in that they have a high level of awareness about society and global resources, along with an interest in the safety and reliability of Subaru vehicles. For customers who want to help those in need and to do more for society and the environment, SOA1 and its retailers have been working since 2008 to meet their needs, providing a range of support for local communities through the Love Campaign for over 14 years.

We will continue to provide “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” through our various efforts to enrich people’s lives and minds, working to be a partner to our customers and society at large. With our aim to become a company delivering happiness to people, society, and even the Earth, we will strive for the sustainable growth of the Subaru Group and the achievement of an enjoyable and sustainable society. We look forward to the continued support of our stakeholders as we build the future of the Subaru Group.

*1:SOA: Subaru of America Inc.

Atsushi Osaki
Representative Director, President and CEO
Subaru Corporation

Origin of the SUBARU Name and Logo:

"SUBARU" is Japanese for the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus. These stars are also known as "six star group." The name reflects the fact that Fuji Heavy Industries was formed from capital contributions from five companies that sprang from Nakajima Aircraft.