CSR Promotion System

The Sustainability Committee* was established as a forum for discussing all kinds of CSR initiatives by the SUBARU Group, and meets twice a year. The Sustainability Committee is headed by the President and Representative Director, and all of our executives are members. The committee considers business issues from a social perspective and works to strengthen CSR efforts.
We comprehensively promote CSR initiatives as a unified SUBARU Group to realize our sustainability in cooperation with bases in Japan and overseas, and monitor the PDCA status of related committees and departments. The various activities we conduct in the Group are communicated and disclosed appropriately through channels such as the Sustainability & CSR section of our website, our integrated reports, and our in-house magazine, leading to further enhancement of the SUBARU Group’s CSR initiatives.

Renamed in FYE March 2022 from the CSR Committee.

Initiative for Widespread Adoption of CSR

Promoting Group-wide Understanding and Permeation

At the SUBARU Group, in FYE March 2019 we provided opportunities for executives and managers to think about CSR, hoping to give each of them a deeper understanding of CSR in order to promote initiatives in this area. In FYE March 2020, we expanded these opportunities, introducing them into rank-specific education for new managers, associate managers, and new recruits. In FYE March 2021, we created CSR promotion videos for each division, designed to encourage them to take the lead in promoting deeper understanding. In addition, we started sharing information about the initiative progress and issues in the Six Priority Areas for CSR for dealerships in Japan and Group companies overseas. As of FYE March 2022, we are providing opportunities for communication with dealerships in Japan and Group companies overseas, and promote efforts on a Group-wide and global basis.

Initiatives in FYE March 2022 and Beyond
Target Description
SUBARU In addition to new employee training and rank-specific training for new associate managers and new managers, conduct e-learning on the SUBARU Group’s CSR for all managers and Head Office employees
Dealerships in Japan Hold meetings of the CSR Promotion Conference and share CSR-related initiatives with dealerships


Feedback from employees after CSR e-learning

  • I was able to consider CSR in a way that was linked to the SDGs and felt that the SDGs were closely tied to my own work.
  • I was reminded that our efforts to create safer cars and for carbon neutrality are directly related to the SDGs.
  • I felt that I could contribute to the SDGs by improving my knowledge of business operations for proper company management, and by carrying this management out in a manner that complies with laws and regulations.
  • I came to understand that my own work contributes to the SDGs, such as promoting active roles for female employees and diversity.
  • I felt that using e-learning to conduct training as a company-wide educational program, rather than just for employees in specific departments to understand, was extremely important for the company to work together to promote various initiatives.
  • I would like to think about how I can contribute not only in my daily work but also in other small ways, such as being diligent in turning off lights, keeping in mind that I am also a member of society.