Handing Down and Enhancing the SUBARU Difference
Working with the Engineers of Tomorrow

SUBARU Driving Academy: Training engineers who can drive, feel, consider, and quantify

Subaru does not employ dedicated test drivers because our engineers assess all of our cars in the development stage. Our engineers want to deliver products that make our customers satisfied, so they drive our cars while assessing sensory qualities that are difficult to express numerically, such as Enjoyment and Peace of Mind. They then reflect their observations in the design drawings after studying their observations theoretically.

Subaru’s strength comes from having the same engineer handle the entire process of driving, feeling, considering, and quantifying instead of dividing it among multiple staff. This is the purpose of the Subaru Driving Academy (SDA). It exists to further refine these skills to allow the creation of even better cars.

Often, clear sensory differences felt by the driver do not show up in figures acquired using conventional measurement methods. At the SDA, we do not limit ourselves to conventional measurement methods. Instead, we focus on probing deeper into the mechanism behind the issue and what we can measure to identify the cause.

Drivers train to sharpen their senses so they can feel differences when driving. They then probe deeper into the mechanisms behind the differences they feel. This increases the number of elements that can be quantified numerically, and these elements are then incorporated into development.

By perpetuating this cycle, we can quantify elements that cause people to feel Enjoyment and Peace of Mind numerically. This expands the development of those elements beyond the realm of hardware and into the realm of control software development. The final result is a car that allows customers to feel the Subaru difference, regardless of the model or type of power unit.

The SDA focuses on training engineers with these qualities in order to continue implementing Subaru’s unique approach to car-making. The SDA is comprised of members from various departments involved in development. Drivers at the SDA hone their assessment and management skills as they acquire the highest level of driving skills possible. They also work to establish car manufacturing that transcends organizational barriers.

Subaru provides value to its customers in the form of Enjoyment and Peace of Mind. We believe we can achieve sustainable growth and further enhance our corporate value by building even stronger relationships with customers who feel an affinity with our pursuit of Subaru’s unique approach to car-making.