Human Resource Development
from Individual Growth to Organizational Growth

We intend to achieve continued sustainable growth for the Subaru Group amid a rapidly changing business environment. In order to do so, it is important to cultivate human resources who think and act individually in response to various changes.
We will boost employee engagement by promoting the training of human resources who will lead Subaru in the future to fulfill our vision of “Delivering happiness to all”, and link individual growth to organizational growth.

Subaru aims to train human resources who can act autonomously and play a leading role in creating change. We are also developing a corporate culture that encourages individual employees to develop their own careers and take on new challenges in an environment that allows diverse human resources to play an active role. Specific examples include the introduction of a new personnel system, training program, and open-call job rotation in FYE March 2022. These initiatives will raise each employee’s motivation and satisfaction, which will lead to greater employee engagement. We are also working to boost corporate value by achieving a deeper level of empathy with Subaru’s philosophy of becoming a source of fulfillment and pride.

New Personnel System

In April 2021, we launched a new personnel system that encourages employees to take on new challenges.
The three points below outline our organizational ideals under the new personnel system. We will achieve the organizational cultural reforms promoted by our mid-term management vision “STEP”, and strive to change the mindsets and behaviors of our employees.

  • 1. Employees who take on
    new challenges can
    grow and succeed

  • 2. Evaluations and treatment
    are fair and
    commensurate with work

  • 3. Human resources with a diverse set of abilities can succeed

〈Main initiatives of the new personnel system〉
  • We are promoting the following five actions as the main measures of the new personnel system:
  • 1) Introduce a personnel system that enables faster promotions and personnel selection than before by focusing on results achieved by taking on challenges, rather than age or experience
  • 2) Revise the pay system into a more dynamic scheme by discouraging seniority-based pay, encouraging pay rises by rising through ranks, and paying bonuses based on results
  • 3) Introduce a specialist system aimed at boosting the technical capabilities and motivation of engineers
  • 4) Introduce a new re-employment system that promotes the active participation of diverse human resources, including seniors, in active roles
  • 5) Abolish the executive age limit for management-level personnel, and introduce a system that appoints them based on performance and ability

Human Resource Development that Encourages Employees to be Autonomous and take on New Challenges to Achieve their Goals

Subaru promotes various initiatives where the ideal employee is defined as someone who continues to take on new challenges independently based on their affinity with Subaru’s philosophy.

〈Career training and career support〉

We provide career training as an opportunity for each employee to take a look back at their career progression. They analyze their current strengths and weaknesses so they can develop their careers autonomously. Employees visualize and share where they want to be and what they want to achieve in the next three to 10 years using a career design sheet. We also offer career management training and career consultations for managers so that they can receive support for their career development from their workplaces and supervisors.

〈Autonomous skill development programs〉

Subaru offers a range of programs to assist with business skill development for all employees, including regular employees and management-level personnel. Programs can be chosen according to the employee’s skill level and their reason for acquiring additional skills. We provide support to employees so that they can think independently and choose the skill development they need based on their personal career plan and their individual strengths and weaknesses. We are also proactively utilizing external seminars to increase opportunities to learn and connect with people outside the Company to gain new insights.

As a result of these efforts, the score for “Opportunities for improving abilities” in the Employee Attitudes Survey in FYE March 2022 improved significantly by more than six points compared to the previous fiscal year.

Subaru offers training for selected managers and mid-level employees with the aim of continually fostering the next generation of managerial talent.

〈Open-call job rotation〉

Subaru introduced an open-call job rotation system in FYE March 2022 as a scheme to support employees in developing their ideal careers. Many departments are already making use of this system. Employees can choose to apply for positions available in each department (open calls include job description, conditions, etc.) If both parties agree to the conditions of employment, the employee is transferred to their new position. This system leads to improved motivation as employees utilize their skills and acquire knowledge in new areas.

Each of these initiatives are promoted throughout the Subaru Group, and are being carried out at affiliated companies around the world in accordance with regional characteristics.

Scheme for Autonomous Career Development and Career Support in the Workplace