Six Priority Areas for CSR Diversity
Promote businesses that create diverse
forms of market value while respecting
the diverse values of all people.

Why It Is Important to Us

Most companies today face social demand for diversity among their employees and diverse ways of working. SUBARU believes that continuing to offer products that contribute to increasing options for our customers and respecting diverse forms of market value will lead to sustainable growth for the company. Achieving this requires diversity of perspective among those who work for the SUBARU Group.
Diversity for SUBARU therefore has two key meanings: diversity in products and diversity of employees. While pursuing diversity in products, SUBARU will promote diversity among all those who work for the SUBARU Group.

Two kinds of diversity promoted by SUBARU, respecting various personal values and characteristics
The diversity of the SUBARU Group’s talent leads to diversity of product value

Employee Diversity

For each of the SUBARU Group’s employees to be able to fully exert their unique talents leveraging their diverse personal values and characteristics, the Group values the gender, nationality, culture, and lifestyle of all its employees and strives to create a comfortable workplace environment. Furthermore, SUBARU’s affiliated companies in Japan and overseas are working on reflecting their respective business domains and the characteristics of their regions.

Diversity in Japan

At SUBARU, we have been taking a range of actions toward Corporate Culture Reforms, one of our priority initiatives listed in the mid-term management vision “STEP.” In human resource development, we have introduced a dual personnel system (for key management positions) to promote the success of human resources regardless of age or experience. Through this system, we promote human resource development through treatment and selection of outstanding employees based on results. The youngest of managers selected was 31 years old, showing appropriate selection and promotion in line with our aims. We are continuing to improve the operation of this system in order to further promote human resource development. At the same time, we introduced the specialist engineer system as a mechanism to properly evaluate the superior technical skills of our engineers who create new value and bring distinction to SUBARU-ness. Through this system, we will work to improve the technical capabilities that distinguish SUBARU-ness and increase the motivation of our engineers.

Specialist Engineer System Certification Criteria
  1. Possesses industry-leading technical capabilities
  2. Utilizes their technical capabilities in operations, leading to tangible results
  3. Engages in continuous self-improvement for the evolution (deepening) of their technical capabilities
  4. Establishes and implements mechanisms for teaching to and communicating with younger generations
  5. Capable of deriving the optimal method from those at hand based on limited information so as to achieve goals

In addition, we introduced the Career Development Support Program and autonomous skill development programs to develop human resources in a way that encourages autonomy and taking on challenges. We are transitioning our education systems from conventional controlled education to autonomous education, establishing an environment that supports autonomous career development and the growth of the individual.

Employee Attitudes Survey for Improving SUBARU’s Corporate Value

SUBARU has conducted the employee attitudes survey since FYE March 2018. In FYE March 2022, 16,536 regular employees (94.7%) responded. There was an overall improvement trend versus the previous results from FYE March 2021, with a particularly significant improvement in scores related to opportunities for improving ability. We see these results as representative of the impact from our introduction of new personnel systems and educational programs. Furthermore, we recognize that steadily linking the growth and increased satisfaction of each and every employee to improved corporate value is required for SUBARU’s sustainable growth. SUBARU will continue to closely monitor the results of the employee attitudes survey to better motivate each and every employee and revitalize the organization.

Rate of employees who gave positive responses (%)
The above is a partial excerpt of questions asked in the employee attitudes survey.

Diversity in the U.S.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Elements of SOA’s Organizational Culture

Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) operates in North America, a core SUBARU Group market. SOA believes that mutual learning and growth between employees with diverse experiences, perspectives, and values will lead to creation of the next generation of businesses, and in turn make the company stronger. In 2021, SOA further expanded its DEIB*1 program by promoting engagement activities through five employee groups: SUBARU Women’s Network, BLENDS, Out + Ally, SARGE, and Evolve. This also includes joint recruitment activities with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)*2 in the region.

DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.
Historically black colleges and universities: A generic name for institutions of higher education that have long sought the education of African American students.
Initiatives by SOA’s Five Employee Groups

In 2021, SOA joined the city of Camden, New Jersey in celebrating the beginning of the school year there. The event was held for those vaccinated against COVID-19, featuring a variety of activities, including free haircuts. During the event’s donation drive, more than 600 bags, 250 pairs of shoes, and 1,200 pairs of socks were provided to the community. SOA also supported the Gloucester County NAACP*3 Scholarship program in 2021, which provides scholarships to New Jersey students. SOA received the Corporate Excellence Game Changers Award from the NAACP. In addition, the organization donated more than 10,000 pieces of outdoor clothing to Afghan refugees at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey.

NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Promoting Recruitment Activities

In 2021, SOA established strategic partnerships with two historically black universities, Delaware State University and Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University, in order to recruit the best human resources. In addition, we collaborated with the National Association of Black Accountants, the Association of Latino Professionals for America, and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association to promote DEIB-based initiatives, such as holding rallies to recruit applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Diversity of Products

Product Diversity Respecting Diverse Forms of Market Value

SUBARU works to promote product diversity, respecting diverse forms of market value and contributing to increasing options for its customers. We are developing and launching products to market that offer both driving pleasure and sporty value, alongside environmental performance that meets the needs of the times, in rigorous pursuit of SUBARU-ness.
As one of our achievements and initiatives, we launched the SOLTERRA, which features a new AWD system unique to BEVs that drives the front and rear tires with separate motors. Furthermore, we launched the fully redesigned WRX S4, which fosters the ultimate sense of oneness between person and car. The WRX S4 is a refinement of SUBARU’s unwavering policy of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.” By improving the driving dynamics of the car, providing joy not only in exceptional driving but in day-to-day driving as well, we created a new sporty value proposal. The foundation of this technology is the SUBARU Global Platform, a platform featuring all of SUBARU’s knowledge and technological capabilities developed thus far. By adding full inner frame construction to the SUBARU Global Platform, we deliver higher rigidity with less weight, dramatically improving handling performance that offers the driver unhindered control.
In addition, as one example of taking on the challenge of expanding options for the use of internal-combustion engines, SUBARU competed in Super Taikyu Series 2022 with a racing vehicle that uses carbon-neutral fuel. Through this activity, we are promoting the creation of better cars originating in motorsports, working to cultivate engineers, and actively seeking the realization of a carbon-neutral society.
Going forward, SUBARU will continue to accelerate its efforts to strengthen product diversity in a way that reflects SUBARU-ness.